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Tech To Go is a computer repair and consulting business. Located in Honolulu, we specialize in personal computer repair, network design, and small business IT solutions.

All services offered for mac-logoMac and windows-logoPC

On site repairs and troubleshooting

Is your computer acting up again? Think you may have a virus or are about to suffer a catastrophic failure? Call or email at anytime to schedule an appointment.

We offer proffesional consulting and repairs to help solve any issue you may have.

  • Flat rate of $60/hr except under special cases.

Network Design and Setup

Are you a small business? How would you like to enjoy a professionally designed and implemented network setup to offer your employees fast, secure, and reliable connectivity to the internet and company resources?

Want to go wireless? We can set up your home to be a wireless network your whole family can use and enjoy. Share files and media with ease. Get every desktop and laptop set up to safely and securely surf the internet. Be able to print from anywhere in your home to one central printer.

  • Every case is unique so a custom plan and price will be made to fit your needs.
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